65. How to practice grounding (with a busy schedule)

65. How to practice grounding (with a busy schedule)

How often do you use “having a busy schedule” as an excuse not to prioritize mindfulness?
This morning, I woke up with a knot in my neck. I have been staying up later than normal, have a lot to do, can’t shut off my brain, and haven’t been feeling as energized as usual.
When this happens, I know immediately that something needs to change. I notice that I start lying to myself as to why I can’t prioritize self-care even though I have control over my schedule 75% of the week.
This typically means swapping my first hour of computer work for stretching and yoga. Swapping any “extras” on my calendar for time at home. Swapping expectations of finishing an endless to-do list for getting the bare minimum done so that I can slow down my pace.
This week’s episode is for those of us who are TOO BUSY to spend 4 hours every day spent in self-care which, tbh, is most of us.

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